It’s January, the calendar has turned over, starting a new cycle, and as with every fresh start we tend to set targets and commitments. You have most likely already made up your mind on how to make this year better, and decided what goals you’d like to achieve and so have I.

Reflecting back, the 2016 year was the most challenging year yet, both from personal and professional perspectives. But it has also been one of the most rewarding years, teaching me more valuable life lessons, than any year before it. I’ve realized that regardless how you battle the tides in the most difficult of times, you either emerge stronger or go under…

Find the way, and you will emerge tougher and wiser. Give up and you’ll end up washed ashore weak and vulnerable.

This year, as any before it, I have set my commitments and targets, but instead of fitness or financial goals I want to contribute to this crazy world in an attempt to make it better. I want to share my findings, learned lessons and professional experiences. I want fewer people to repeat the mistakes I’ve made, I want more people to learn and develop themselves.

Thus I am starting what others would call a blog, but I will call this a journey, a journey from Inspiration to Perfection, and I want you to join me on this ride…

I’ve always been inspired. Inspired to explore and dig into things that interest me. And there is no one thing that interest me more than technology and people. And this is what the journey will be about, people that create technology, technology itself and the people that use it.

I don’t recall when exactly I started labeling myself a perfectionist, at some point I’ve just noticed that I am spending most of my time even on the simplest tasks in an attempt to get a perfect result. I have however changed. I still aim for a perfect result, but I’ve changed my definition of perfect. Perfect has become for me something which can be done from start to finish within a time-span of no more than a year and the result of which I can be proud of.

The Journey
I want this journey to go on as long as I have something to share, but our first destination is scheduled for January 2018. Start packing as we’ll explore the heads of silicone valley CEO’s, find out why technology can cause frustration or blatantly suck, look as to how people treat technology and each other and pick up some life skills in the process.

Being realistic, sharing all of the above will hardly change something, but it’s possible to make the sum greater than the parts. I want you, the reader, to be part of that sum, I want you to share, to let others know if you find anything of use and point out if there is something you disagree with. No single person can claim to possess all knowledge or wisdom, but combined we stand a greater chance of stating afloat…

Take your seat, the journey is about to start…

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