From January 1st to 2nd of May all tax paying Lithuanian citizens can donate a percentage of their income tax costs to nonprofit institutions like Critical Thinking (Kritinis Mąstymas, VšĮ).

Donating will cost you nothing, and only take 3 minutes of your time.
You can learn more about Critical Thinking by visiting this page.
Once ready, just follow this guide:

Step 1. Go to the EDS system and press “Prisijungti prie EDS”

Step 2. Choose Login method and log in

Step 3. Choose to create a new tax donation form

Step 4. Click the globe to fill in the form digitally.

Step 5. The form filling wizard will display a summary of currently contributed amounts. Click the big green button to proceed.

Step 6. Use the search term “Kritinis” and select “VšĮ Kritnis Mąstymas” from the drop down, press “Tęsti”

Step 7. You need to state the purpose, the percentage (up to 1,2), and press “Išsaugoti”

Step 8. You can double check the institutions and the percentage of income tax that you are donating.
It should state “VšĮ Kritnis Mąstymas (306057274)” If correct, click “Taip, teisingi”

Step 9. You’re almost there! Click the green button to finalise the wizard.

Step 10. You’re there! Just one last glance at the data your about to submit and hit “Pateikti”

Your contribution is greatly appreciated, do drop me a note so that you can be included in the closed Critical Thinking chat group.

Your funds will be used to complete the Critical workSHOP, here’s a sneak peak at how things are progressing:

other ways to contributE

In case income tax option is not available you can support Critical Thinking via these options:

Membership has its unique quirks, beyond just access to the Critical workSHOP. You will be invited to the contributor-only chatgroup, where you will get access to progress updates, insider discussions and be able to influence the future of Critical Thinking via polls and direct feedback.

other forms of support

Not ready to commit to a membership yet? Not a problem! Consider feeding the critical 🐹 a piece of 🥧 …
…or just drop any amount into the critical tip🫙.

Hope to see you soon in the “Critical workSHOP”!

“Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing…”

Maya Angelou